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Asociación de Asadores de Lechazo de Castilla y León offers a true gastronomic experience, tradition and master´s degree combining unsurpassed way.
The lamb roasted, in a traditional way has survived for centuries as the most relevant dish from Castilla y León. Eating a delicious roasted baby lamb washed down with fine wines in an Inn or restaurant, remains fromcenturies ago, the best way to celebrate with a group of friends or family.

A way unsurpassed initialled an agreement, honor a love done or close a deal. Clay, fire and flavour that brings the wood-fire oven are the keys of tradition and expertise that gives the dish more tasty and renowned cuisine from Castilla y León.
Asociación de Asadores de Lechazo de Castilla y León integrates the most prestigious grills, maintaining and promoting the original developement of the suckling lamb roasted in a traditional oven of brick and adobe, fed fire from oak wood.

Asadores are distributed throughout the Spanish geography, distinguished by belonging to this Association facilities offers diners products and ingredients of the highest quality, and most genuine culinary procedures, guarantee an unsurpassed dining experience. Come and enjoy on an Asador as it has always done.
Lechazo de Castilla y León imagenes de Asadores de Castilla y León lechazo en horno de piedra